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Emblem Removal Guide

Emblem Removal Guide

There are many different types of emblems and they can have all different types of backs to them that help keep them on your vehicle. Some emblems just have sticky adhesive on the back while others have a single pin or multiple pins to keep it in place. The important part is to take your time when removing them, making sure to loosen multiple sides of the emblem as you go. Pay careful attention to the amount of pressure that you are applying, make sure that it is even and that you’re never digging into the vehicle but pushing along the surface. These simple tips should help to preserve your vehicle’s paint and the emblem you are removing. Before you attempt to remove any emblems make sure you confirm any pin positions for your particular make and model.

Potential Tools Needed – Flat-head screwdriver, Hair dryer and Electrical outlet access, Fishing line, Long flat knife (instead of using screwdriver), Goo-gone or gentle adhesive remover, Bucket of warm water, Towel, Microfiber Towel, Double-sided automotive tape, Professional buffing equipment (only if you have the experience with using it).

  • If you have access to an electric outlet you can use a hair dryer on a low heat setting to gently heat the emblem. This will make the adhesive more malleable   (softer). You can leave the heat on the emblem for a few minutes until the emblem is warm to the touch but be careful it is not hot to the touch because the adhesive will then become sticky. If the emblem is too hot just let it cool for a few seconds.
  • Once the emblem is heated you have two ways you can remove it. If the emblem does not have a pin you can use fishing line to slowly work behind the emblem. You gently move it up and down as you move across the emblem to work it off. If you have a very steady hand you can use a thin flathead screwdriver. Using the screwdriver at a slight angle you can use the sharp edge to slowly and carefully lift the emblem from the vehicle. This makes working around pins easier. Make sure you lift a little bit at a time around the entire emblem before trying to remove it all in one motion.
  •  There will always be some residue of adhesive left on the vehicle. Darker color paints will show more residue than a lighter color. You can use something as simple as your fingernail to gently pick off the adhesive. The rest of the residue that is left can be removed by using a rag moistened with a solvent. You can use rubbing alcohol but it will require a lot of rubbing to remove. The product Goo-Gone can also work to remove the residue but you must pay careful attention to not leave this product on your vehicle! You must rub this off whenever you are finished and rinse off with water. Goo-Gone can be damaging to the paint of your vehicle. We recommend using a micro-fiber towel to alleviate some of the scratching done to the vehicles surface but keep in mind, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SCRATCHING DONE TO THE PAINT WHEN REMOVING AN EMBLEM, no matter who does it.
  • Before you place a new emblem on your vehicle you will have to polish the area so it is a clean and dry surface. There are many different types of liquid vehicle polishes available at vehicle retail places that you can use with a micro-fiber cloth to polish the area. If you have any questions about the process or there is severe scratches on the surface consult a professional in your area before attempting to fix the situation on your own.

Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only. If you have any questions about the pin placement of your emblem please consult a dealership service department and/or a reputable auto body shop. We are not responsible for any damages done to your vehicle while removing or applying new emblems. This guide is just a few tips for you to consider when attempting the process on your own. Any questions you may have you can direct those to your local dealership service department and/or a reputable auto body shop as well.