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Posted on November 18 2017

There are two categories for any item in the world you could think of purchasing.  You could buy something new or you could go to a secondhand store and buy it used.  But for some reason there seems to be a stigma placed on purchasing anything used; even if it’s “gently” used.  We live in a society of New is better!  Shiny, new, pretty, sparkly are all signs of a good buy.  So, why would anyone want to purchase used emblems?  Well, I have a few reasons as to why I think in most cases used and “recycled” is better!

Cars go through a mid cycle facelift – Once in awhile when cars hit the market they either don’t function as expected or aren’t met with critical acclaim from consumers.  When this happens, a company will go through a midcycle facelift with the model's features.  They will change certain pieces to work more efficiently or just change something as simple as the emblems.  When this happens the emblems can be virtually impossible to get from a certified dealer.  They simply do not carry them or they can order them from the manufacturer at an incredibly high price.  This is when you can find new old stock emblems, meaning they were never used but could have wear from just sitting around or used emblems.  These used emblems are generally emblems that have been removed from cars that have been wrecked or were just sold for parts.  They are the same emblems as your make and model.  They just happened to come off of another vehicle.

Older model cars – Some people have older models, ones that would classify as vintage (older than 16 years).  The car maybe still running and in decent shape with a few dings and scratches.  You want to replace the emblems that are really worn with used emblems that are in better shape.  Dealers will have no access to the emblems for these older models and purchasing the new emblems will be expensive.  So once again, you can save some money buy purchasing decent used emblems so that your older model isn’t bare!

Dealers are expensive – As mentioned in the other two examples, new emblems are expensive.  For some models a new set of emblems can be a few hundred dollars.  If the car is older with wear, why would you need to put that much money into new emblems?!  As someone who drives a 16 year old car, fit with used emblems, I strongly encourage saving money and supporting local businesses that supply used auto parts.  These can be salvage yards as well as online stores like our own.

Stolen emblems – I have no idea why this happens.  Why people think it’s perfectly okay to walk up to a person’s car, a car they have worked very hard to be able to afford, and these ignorant people just take the emblems.  It baffles me and causes me a lot of frustration.  However, this happens way more than people think.  So, since it’s very unexpected and you don’t necessarily plan on spending a few hundred dollars that month on emblems, buying used emblems can be a quick fix.  A lot of the time in our store we have new emblems for older models as well as new.  We may be the perfect fix for your replacement emblems.

Customization – On one of my Toyota Camry’s I have a black emblem set.  Now I didn’t go out an spend a small fortune on custom made black pearl 1995 Toyota Camry emblems.  Instead I took used emblems and I customized them myself.  So if you staring at your car one day and decide that it would look fantastic with blue or red or green emblems instead of the factory set.  You can keep your factory set the color they are and purchase another set to customize yourself or to have customized.  This way you can always go back to the original if you change your mind.  Used emblems add a lot of options for someone who likes to have something a little different when it comes to their car.

These are just a few examples of why being used may be a really good option for you.  We just received a huge inventory of used emblems that will be on the site by the end of this week.  So, check us out or recommend us to a friend!  Remember, used or “recycled” not only makes financial sense it’s a great way to be environmentally conscience.