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Posted on November 18 2017

You wake up one morning, realize you’re running late for work, take a quick shower and throw on some clothes, skip breakfast, and run out of the door. You don’t have any spare seconds to inspect your car and why would you even take the time?  After all, it’s in the same spot it is every morning and looks the same way it did when you parked it the night before.  You get into work and start your day.  It is not until you are done for the day and you walk up to your car in the office parking lot that it hits you.  You glance at your trunk or the hood of your car and your emblems are no where to be found.  Some random faceless person has been so desperate that they stole the emblems right off of your vehicle!

Well, now what do you do?  If it’s just a car to get you from point A to point B some wouldn’t even think twice about it.  For most of us our car is a reflection of who we are.  We like our cars.  We take care of our cars and the leftover tape lines or the open holes from the emblem mounting pins, are constant reminders that someone stole something that belonged to us.  If you make the decision to replace the emblems you will probably contact a dealer.  This is when you will find out just how expensive those little shiny things are!!! There are plenty of outlets for finding replacement automotive emblems.  There are ways to save some money instead of purchasing brand new emblems from a dealer.  This is where our online store, ShopEmblems, can help those that want their cars complete again.

What about those that decide they are just going to let sleeping dogs lie and not pursue replacement emblems for their cars?  Does it really make a difference if your car has all of it’s emblems intact or not?  It does matter if you are ever thinking of selling the vehicle.  This is just a thought to keep in mind.  When potential buyers assess a vehicle, they will look to the little things to reflect that the car is actually in the shape that the seller is describing.  Little things such as cracked headlights, missing wheel caps, torn windshield wipers or missing emblems will tell a story of how well the car was kept.  How will one believe that you did all of the necessary maintenance repairs if you let the little things slide?  Presentation is key.

To replace or not to replace,  that is the question.  I know from experience that the thought of someone taking something from my car,  a car I worked so hard to attain, really drove me crazy.  I guess one has to decide if a material object reflects on them personally or not.  For those that answer the question with….replace, there are plenty of options out there.